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Transportation Accidents

Transportation Accidents

Transportation Accidents

Transportation Accident Attorneys

Robb & Robb LLC has special experience prosecuting cases involving trucking and transportation liability including catastrophic automobile, semi truck and school bus accidents.

The firm handled the landmark Missouri case imposing punitive damages on a trucking company for violation of safety regulationsCoon v. American Compressed Steel, Inc., 207 S.W. 3d 629 (Mo. App. 2006).

The Kansas City Missouri-based firm has obtained record-setting verdicts and settlements in this area of the law including:

  • A $23 million jury verdict for family members killed by a drunk driver.
  • A $14 million settlement for the family of a boy who was dragged and crushed to death when his jacket drawstring caught in the handrail of his school bus door.
  • A $5.9 million settlement for an arm injury during a car dealership test drive.
  • A $3 million verdict in a case against American Compressed Steel for lost cargo that resulted in a death.
  • A $3 million settlement for an elderly man severely disabled in a collision with a construction company truck.
  • More than $1 million awarded by a federal court judge to the family of a 3-year-old girl who was killed when a postal-truck drove into the building in which she was sleeping.

The large-scale damages caused by these types of accidents may involve bringing suit against multiple defendants, including individuals, transportation companies and their insurers. These cases may involve claims for wrongful death, personal injury and property damage.

In addition to their formidable negotiation and litigation skills, Robb & Robb’s attorneys have the ability to take advantage of all the most effective and technologically complex tools available to present evidence in the courtroom, including sophisticated accident re-creation techniques.

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