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We wrote the book on helicopter crash law.

Helicopter Crash Litigation by Gary C. Robb was first published in 2010. The Second Edition of this acclaimed book was published in 2015.

Helicopter crashes within the United States are occurring with alarming frequency. One-half (1/2) of the entire worldwide civil helicopter fleet operates in the United States, and thirty-six percent (36%) of all helicopter crashes occur here. From 2001 to 2005, the accident rate for civil helicopter use per 100,000 flight hours was forty percent (40%) higher than that for general aviation fixed-wing aircraft. The helicopter industry itself has acknowledged that the current helicopter accident rate is “excessive and unsustainable.”

Flight Missions Within The Helicopter Industry

Some of the most common flight missions are listed below:

Helicopter Touring Industry

Over the last decade there has been a disturbingly high rate of fatal helicopter crashes involving site-seeing tours. The NTSB has recorded more than 140 site-seeing flight accidents nationally since January 2000.

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News Gathering Operations

There is a recurring safety problem involving numerous news helicopters involved in a police chase or other on-ground events simultaneously having the pilots report live while in flight. In October 2007, the National

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Air Ambulance Services

There is a recurring safety problem involving numerous news helicopters involved in a police chase or other on-ground events simultaneously having the pilots report live while in flight.

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Utility Wire Inspections

Helicopters are being used increasingly in the utilities industry for the inspection and maintenance of their transmission lines. This flight mission brings the helicopter in close proximity to horizontally strung utility lines

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Search and Rescue Operations

Helicopters are the aircraft of choice in the rescuing of stranded snow skiers, adventurers lost in the wilderness, or people trapped on disabled sailing vessels. Many of the same considerations for air

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Law Enforcement and Border Patrol Usage

Police use of helicopters is increasingly common in most urban areas. Given the uncertain unanticipated flight path upon which such helicopters may embark, a separate spotter or observer is a must.risk evaluation

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Private Transportation

Use of helicopters for private transportation has increased in recent years given the congested nature of many urban areas. It has become common for many downtown office buildings to install a helipad for use of

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Transport to Off-Shore Platforms

More than 600 helicopters currently operate in the Gulf of Mexico off-shore fleet taking almost 1.3 million flights and carrying almost 3 million passengers per year. The use of helicopters to transport workers and other per

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Firefighting Operations

Uncontained wild fires and massive forest fires are devastating events. Helicopters were first utilized to combat wild fires in southern California in 1947 and have been utilized extensively ever since. A standardized metho

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