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Hazardous Products

Hazardous Products

Hazardous Products

Hazardous Product Attorneys

Hazardous products can be found everywhere, from inside our homes to our automobiles and workplaces. At Robb & Robb LLC, we believe the civil justice system is a powerful tool to make the world a safer place. As a direct result of cases the firm has handled, improved warnings have been issued to thousands of consumers nationwide regarding dangerous product conditions.

The firm’s very first million dollar verdict in 1987 involved a defectively designed car seat and defective parts were the basis of aviation law cases brought by Robb & Robb resulting in:

  • A $350 million verdict for a deceased pilot;
  • A $100 million settlement for flight nurse’s severe burn injuries in crash of medical helicopter;
  • A $70 million verdict for a passenger killed in a Life Flight helicopter crash;
  • A $52.5 million settlement (on appeal of $48 million jury verdict) for the crash of a Twin Otter aircraft with five fatalities ($10.5 million per victim); and
  • A $38 million settlement for severe burn injuries in a Grand Canyon helicopter crash.

Our law firm has been on the leading edge of advocating for Crash Resistant Fuel Systems (CRFS) in helicopters for almost 20 years. This technology has been available since the 1960s, but the helicopter industry has resisted utilizing it. As a result, even a routine hard landing can result in a devastating and disabling post-crash fire. We have handled many of these cases, including the two highest results in U.S. history, a $100 million settlement for the 90% burn injuries to David Repsher in a 2015 helicopter crash, and one of the very first substantial settlements in 2001 for Chana Daskal’s burn injuries sustained in a Grand Canyon helicopter crash.

In one of its more high profile cases, Robb & Robb LLC won a $4 million verdict on behalf of the family of the late Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan in an action against the maker of vacuum pumps that powered flight instruments on the plane that crashed killing Carnahan, his son Randy and a campaign aide, Chris Sifford.

The firm also won a $12 million verdict for a woman who suffered severe burn injuries when a power line fell on her due to a failed component part, and a $27.5 million settlement by the manufacturer of the engine of an airplane that crashed killing skydivers on board.

Gary Robb is the author of numerous publications in the products liability field, and his articles have been cited and relied on by numerous courts. He has also edited The Missouri Products Liability Handbook, published by the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law.

At Robb & Robb we believe it is unconscionable for manufactures to distribute products that are unreasonably dangerous and we will work hard both to make sure our clients are compensated for their losses and to prevent future injuries.

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