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KC Counselor - April 1, 2019

Dean of the Trial Bar

By Gary C. Robb KC Counselor April 2019 Having Anita as my law partner for the past 35 years has been one of the greatest joys of my life.  Anita makes  our law practice exciting.  She is masterful.  She is brilliant.  She is polished.  She is fierce.  She is relentless.  She cannot be intimidated.  She […]

USA Today - February 18, 2019

Weather grounded med helicopters, but ‘higher risk-taker’ accepted fatal flight in Ohio

Survival Flight Inc. accepted the flight and departed from Grove City for Holzer Meigs hospital in Pomeroy at 6:28 a.m., according to a preliminary report released this week by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The Wall Street Journal - August 7, 2018

Fiery Helicopter Crashes Persist With Industry Slow to Upgrade Fuel Tanks

By Andy Pasztor The Wall Street Journal 8/07/2018 After a rash of helicopter accidents several years ago ending in fatal fires, industry executives and regulators reached a high-profile compromise: Businesses could avoid rules mandating safety upgrades and retrofits but would be expected to make the changes on their own. “You got our attention and we’re […]

The Wall Street Journal - August 7, 2018

How One Burned Helicopter Nurse Has Gone on Living

By Jim Carlton The Wall Street Journal 8/07/2018 Dave Repsher, who suffered third-degree burns over 90% of his body in a 2015 helicopter accident in Colorado, exemplifies the human toll when fuel tanks lacking the most-advanced safety features rupture in a crash. Crash investigators determined the emergency medical chopper’s crush-prone fuel system—legal under Federal Aviation […]

New York Post - March 13, 2018

Helicopter crash victim’s family sues aviation companies, pilot

By Chris Perez New York Post 3/13/2018 The first lawsuit was filed Tuesday against the helicopter and charter companies involved in Sunday’s deadly crash in the East River — with the family of one of the victims accusing them of negligence and “carelessness.” Pilot Richard Vance, who was at the controls when the chopper went […]

The Washington Post - March 3, 2018

Tourist’s parents file lawsuit in Grand Canyon copter crash

By Felicia Fonseca The Washington Post 3/03/2018 FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — The parents of a British tourist who died after the Grand Canyon sightseeing helicopter he was in crashed have filed the first wrongful death lawsuit related to last month’s crash. The complaint filed Friday in Clark County District Court in Nevada accused helicopter owner Papillon […]

Anita Porte Robb - March 1, 2018

The WHY of it

By Anita Porte Robb The Missouri Trial Attorney Spring 2018 Being a plaintiff’s trial lawyer was not my original plan. In high school, I gave serious thought to becoming either a doctor or a lawyer. I finally decided to become a lawyer, thinking that if I worked in the field of medical law, I could […]

The Daily Record - February 5, 2018

KC attorneys win $100M settlement over Colorado copter crash

By Scott Lauck The Daily Record 2/5/2018 The Kansas City law firm of Robb & Robb reached a $100 million settlement for a flight nurse who was severely burned in a medical helicopter crash in Colorado. Anita Porte Robb said the settlement, announced Thursday, appears to be the largest pre-trial settlement for a single injured […]

The Washington Post - February 1, 2018

Colorado helicopter crash survivor to receive record $100 million pretrial settlement

The Washington Post 2/01/2018 DENVER – A former Colorado flight nurse who survived a helicopter ambulance crash with horrific burns over 90 percent of his body will receive a record $100 million cash settlement from the maker and operator of the aircraft, his lawyer said on Thursday. The sum is believed to be the largest […]

Lexington Herald Leader - September 29, 2017

Jury awards $21.7 million to survivors of three killed in medical helicopter crash

By Bill Estep Lexington Herald Leader 9/29/2017 A Clay County jury has awarded a total of $21.7 million to survivors of three people killed in the crash of a medical helicopter in June 2013. The crash occurred as the helicopter returned to its base in Manchester after taking a patient to a hospital in London. […]

Dothan Eagle - May 3, 2017

Family of nurse killed in Coffee County air ambulance crash to receive $5 million

By Danny Tindell Dothan Eagle 5/03/2017 The parents of a flight nurse killed in a Coffee County air ambulance crash last year will receive $5 million from the helicopter operator. A Montgomery County Circuit Court judge approved the settlement award Monday to the family of Stacey Cernadas, who was aboard a Haynes Air Ambulance emergency […]

Super Lawyers - November 22, 2016

Robb & Robb 2016: Year-To-Date

Super Lawyers 11/22/2016 ROBB & ROBB LLC ROBB & ROBB LLC HAS WON MORE THAN $950 MILLION IN LANDMARK CASES NATIONWIDE SINCE 1984. NOTHING SPEAKS LOUDER THAN RESULTS. FIRM HISTORY ROBB & ROBB LLC handles high-profile cases in the aviation and transportation field. Forbes Magazine has named partner Gary C. Robb “by far the most […]

Missouri Lawyers Weekly - October 17, 2016

$5.15 Million Settlement in Iowa Med-Trans Crash

By David Baugher Missouri Lawyers Weekly 10/17/2016 An Iowa helicopter crash that left three dead has resulted in a settlement of more than $5.1 million for the family of a flight nurse who was on board. “The argument was that the policies of the helicopter operator were defective and deficient because they allowed flight into […]

Missouri Lawyers Weekly - August 22, 2016

Replacement of Shock Absorbent Helicopter Seats Cause of Passenger Injuries

By Alan Scher Zagier Missouri Lawyers Weekly 8/22/2016 A Pettis County lawsuit filed by a University of Missouri Health Care nurse and a paramedic, who both suffered spinal injuries after an emergency helicopter landing, settled for $3.3 million, according to the attorneys representing the women. Flight nurse Hester West and paramedic Elisabeth Corcoran separately sued […]

The Associated Press - April 11, 2016

Helicopter That Crashed, Killed 4 Not Certified to Fly in Fog

The Associated Press 4/11/2016 A medical helicopter was not certified for flying in the foggy, low‑visibility conditions it encountered before crashing last month with a patient in southeast Alabama, killing all four aboard, federal investigators say in a newly released report. Fog and mist enveloped the landing zone in a farm field near the scene […]

The Southeast Sun - March 31, 2016

National Attorney, Crash Expert Weighs in on Haynes Air Crash

By Jan Murray The Southeast Sun 3/31/2016 While it is too early to know for sure what led to a fatal air ambulance helicopter crash March 26, a helicopter crash expert, attorney and author Gary C. Robb said, “If you rule out mechanical malfunction then, obviously, you’re looking at pilot error or a combination of […]

The Wall Street Journal - December 29, 2015

Helicopter Industry Changes Course to Make Safety Improvements

By Andy Pasztor The Wall Street Journal 12/29/2015 The helicopter industry is changing course to embrace tougher fuel-tank fire standards for many models in production after years of stiff resistance to the safety fixes as unnecessary and expensive. The shift also portends retrofits for at least several thousand additional rotorcraft already in service—the vast majority […]

USA Today - August 26, 2015

NTSB Urges Fire-Resistant Tanks for Helicopters

By Thomas Frank USA Today 8/26/2015 Half a century after aviation officials first grew concerned about people burning to death in helicopter crashes, a federal safety agency is urging the installation of equipment that would prevent fuel leaks that have caused hundreds of fires, leading to scores of deaths and serious injuries. The National Transportation […]

CBS Denver - July 31, 2015

Lawsuits Filed Over Medical Helicopter Crash In Frisco

CBS Denver 7/31/2015 FRISCO, Colo. (AP) – An attorney for two people who were injured in a fiery helicopter crash in Frisco that killed the pilot filed lawsuits Friday, saying a rotor malfunctioned, sending the aircraft spinning out of control. The helicopter hit three vehicles before it crashed. The lawsuits name Air Methods Corp., the […]


NTSB Releases Preliminary Report on Alaskan Crash

By Rebecca Guterman MONTGOMERY COUNTY SENTINEL 7/09/2015 The National Transportation Safety Board has taken the first steps in investigating a plane crash June 25 that killed the pilot and all eight passengers, including two North Potomac residents. Glenda Cambiaso, 31, and Hugo Cambiaso, 65, were two of the passengers aboard the sightseeing plane that was […]


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