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TRIAL - February 1, 2019

Investigating Medical Helicopter Crashes

Gary C. Robb TRIAL 2/01/2019 Medical helicopters transport approximately 400,000 patients in the United States annually.1 Yet air ambulance companies have resisted industry and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposals that call for enhanced safety equipment such as ­crash-resistant fuel tanks and other safety regulations.2 Meanwhile, preventable crashes continue to occur.3 When representing people injured or […]

TRIAL - February 1, 2014

Helicopter Crashes 101

Gary C. Robb TRIAL 2/01/2014 When it comes to helicopter crashes, the evidence and potential defendants can be far flung. Prompt investigation of the crash site and knowledge about common causes of these crashes are critical. When a helicopter crashes, the wreckage can leave a trail of clues that leads all the way back to […]

Product Safety & Liability Reporter - February 12, 2007

Handling Helicopter Crash Litigation: The 10 Indispensable Steps

GARY C. ROBB Product Safety & Liability Reporter 2/12/2007 Helicopter crashes within the United States are occurring with alarming frequency. Since 2001, the accident rate for civil helicopter use per 100,000 flight hours has been 40 percent higher than that for general aviation fixed wing aircraft.1 One-half of the entire worldwide civil helicopter fleet operates […]

TRIAL - November 1, 2002

How to Select and Use Aviation Experts

Gary C. Robb TRIAL 11/01/2002 It’s 2:30 on a Tuesday afternoon when your phone rings. The caller wants to retain you for an aviation crash case. Whether the collision involves a Cessna 206, a Bell helicopter, or a Boeing commercial airliner, once you agree to accept the case, your first thoughts should focus on preserving […]

TRIAL - November 1, 1999

Suing Foreign Product Manufacturers

Gary C. Robb TRIAL 11/01/1999 Cases against foreign defendants require special care. By following procedures and avoiding pitfalls, plaintiff lawyers can increase the odds of victory for their clients. In this era of global economics, the “Made in the USA” label has become a rare sight. Attorneys who represent plaintiffs in products liability cases are […]

Missouri Lawyers Weekly - December 14, 1998

Punitive Damages After Letz And Barnett

Gary C. Robb Missouri Lawyers Weekly 12/14/1998 In 1995, Kansas City Plaintiffs’ attorney Gary C. Robb won jury verdicts of $70 million and $350 million in the Letz and Barnett Life Flight helicopter cases. On appeal, a total of $53 million in punitive damages $26.5 million in each case was upheld by the Missouri Court […]

TRIAL - November 1, 1997

General Aviation Cases – Investigating the Case and Knowing The Law and Applicable Rules

Gary C. Robb TRIAL 11/01/1997 All products liability cases have common features. But each case is unique, depending on the particular product involved, and each demands special consideration by the trial lawyer. In this symposium, seasoned attorneys discuss how to overcome the power and wealth of the drug industry in pharmaceutical cases, how to investigate […]

TRIAL - November 1, 1994

Deposing the Product Manufacturer’s In-House Engineers

Gary C. Robb TRIAL 11/01/1994 By any cost/benefit measure, the potential gain from properly deposing defendant’s in-house engineers will more than compensate for the time, the trouble, and the expense of conducting these procedures. The primary emphasis of these depositions will be to explore the engineers’ knowledge of any risk associated with use of the […]

TRIAL - November 1, 1993

10 Steps for Maintaining the Plaintiff’s Litigation Edge

Gary C. Robb TRIAL 11/01/1993 In every products liability case, plaintiff’s counsel makes the first move. The party making the first move in a competitive event, whether playing the white pieces in chess or serving in a tennis match, enjoys a distinct tactical advantage. The party making the first move can force the adversary into […]

TRIAL - July 1, 1989

Prefiling Preparation of a Products Liability Lawsuit

Gary C. Robb TRIAL 7/01/1989 Evening the Odds Defense counsel enjoy many inherent advantages in products liability actions. By representing those who designed, manufactured, and sold an injury causing product, counsel defending the action have a ready-made reservoir of product expertise. Product manufacturers also have a financial advantage and often seek to outspend an injured […]


The two highest jury verdicts in the United States in helicoptor crash trials

The two largest pre-trial aviation settlements in U.S. History for a single injury in a helicopter crash


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Settlement for flight nurse's severe burn injuries in crash of medical helicopter (United States record).


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Record $82M Recovery In Helicopter Crash Cases

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Litigator v. Helicopter

Attorney Gary Robb is by far the most successful helicopter-crash trial lawyer in the country.


Lawyer Becomes "Go-to-Guy" After Helicopter Crashes

The family of a Louisiana man killed in a helicopter crash.


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