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With Over $1 Billion in verdicts and settlements, our approach to lawsuits is simple: To provide our clients with justice.


$100 million settlement in Colorado, Repsher v. Air Methods Corporation, et al (for burn injuries sustained in crash of a medical helicopter) (U.S. record for single pretrial personal injury)


$21.7 million jury verdict in Manchester, Kentucky, Dobbs, et al v. Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. (crash of medical helicopter)


$5.1 million settlement in Langenbau v. Med-trans (wrongful death in Iowa aviation crash)

$3.3 million settlement in West, et al v. Air Methods (for back injuries sustained in helicopter crash)


$18 million settlement in aviation wrongful death case


$16 million jury verdict in Las Vegas, Bhanot, et al v. Sundance (crash of touring helicopter)


$52.5 million settlement in Delacroix, et al v. Doncasters (fatal crash of DHC-6 Twin Otter airplane)

$8 million settlement in Tacoronte and Bever v. Air Methods Corp. (wrongful deaths of patient and flight nurse in crash of air ambulance helicopter)


$48 million jury verdict in Delacroix, et al v. Doncasters, Inc. (wrongful deaths of skydivers in Missouri airplane crash)


$5.6 million settlement in Pearson v. Rolls-Royce Corporation, et al (wrongful death of flight nurse in Indiana helicopter crash)


$7.2 million jury verdict in Schlotzhauer v. Bristol, et al (wrongful death in Iowa helicopter crash)

$15 million settlement for death of passenger on private plane for Morgan Stanley business (Illinois aviation record)


$18.4 million settlement in Scollard v. Eurocopter (Nebraska Life Net helicopter crash)


$38 million settlement in Daskal v. Aerospatiale, et al. (severe burn injuries in helicopter crash)


$5.9 million settlement in Underhill v. Jack Miller Subaru (arm injury during car dealership test drive)


$9.25 million settlement in Fields v. Shelter Insurance Company (insurance bad faith)

$26 million settlement in Littlefield v. Teledyne Continental (death of husband and wife in plane crash)


$3 million jury verdict in Coon v. American Compressed Steel (wrongful death due to road debris)

$3 million settlement in Burns v. ABC Construction Co. (incomplete quadriplegia in vehicular accident)


$3.5 million settlement in Zerga v. Ozark Ready-Mix (wrongful death in truck accident)

$4 million jury verdict in Carnahan v. Parker-Hannifin (father and son killed in plane crash)


$12 million settlement in Monroe v. Kansas City Power & Light (amputations due to electric shock)

$3 million settlement in Mercer v. Teledyne Continental (death of husband and wife in plane crash)


$27.5 million settlement in Rueff v. Teledyne Continental (5 sky divers killed in plane crash)


$18 million settlement in Hart v. World Wrestling Federation (wrongful death due to negligent stunt)


$23.9 million jury verdict in Henderson v. Fields (triple fatality car accident)


$82 million final judgment after appeals in Letz v. Turbomeca and Barnett v. Turmbomeca

$25 million jury verdict in Coburn v. Wrenn (wrongful death due to unsafe premises)


$14 million settlement in Sayles v. Vancom (14 year old boy dragged to death in school bus accident)


$70 million jury verdict in Letz v. Turmbomeca (wrongful death of passenger in helicopter crash)

$350 million jury verdict in Barnett v. Turbomeca (wrongful death of pilot in helicopter crash)


$20 million jury verdict in Adams v. Children's Mercy Hospital (brain damage due to medical malpractice)


$1.9 million jury verdict in Cunningham v. Subaru (partial paralysis/automotive crashworthiness)


ROBB & ROBB LLC FOUNDED by Attorneys Gary C. and Anita Porte Robb

Verdicts & Settlements

$350 million jury verdict for a deceased pilot (United States record).

$100 million settlement for flight nurse’s severe burn injuries in crash of medical helicopter (United States record).

$70 million jury verdict for a passenger killed in a Life Flight helicopter.

$52.5 million settlement for fatal DHC-6 Twin Otter plane crash.

$48 million jury verdict including compensatory and punitive damages for wrongful death from crash of DeHavilland plane

$38 million settlement for a passenger with severe burn injuries in a helicopter crash at the Grand Canyon (United States second highest record for helicopter crash injury settlement)

$27.5 million settlement for a small plane crash (United States record).

$26 million settlement for the death of a husband and wife in a North Carolina plane crash (United States record for aviation wrongful death settlement involving husband and wife).

$21.7 million jury verdict for fatal crash of Bell medical helicopter (Kentucky record)

$18.4 million settlement for Life Net helicopter crash (Nebraska record)

$16 million jury verdict for crash of touring helicopter in Las Vegas.

$15 million settlement for death of passenger on private plane for Morgan Stanley business (Illinois aviation record).

Representation of former United States Senator Jean Carnahan for the plane crash death of her husband, Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan, and their son, resulting in a $4 million jury verdict at trial.

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Personal Injury Lawyers - Kansas City, Missouri

Personal injury is an area of law that pertains to the injury of an individual. Both physical and emotional injuries fall into this branch of tort law. A personal injury lawyer is generally involved in cases where an injury has occurred due to the negligence of another party.

Examples of cases that a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri can assist with include workplace accidents, falling or other accidents in the home, premises liability, defective and hazardous product cases, and dental and medical malpractice cases. If negligence on behalf of another party can be proved in court, compensation may be awarded.

Personal injury attorneys can also assist with industrial disease cases that may include respiratory diseases or a decline in health due to hazardous occupational conditions. These and other medical cases are often very complex, and it is advised that all aspects of the claim be handled by an experienced attorney.

Wrongful Death Lawyers - Kansas City, Missouri

Wrongful death falls under the common law jurisdictions wherein a person may be held liable for a death. It is important to note that wrongful death is the only course of legal action in which a company, rather than an individual, is at fault for a death.

In Kansas City, Missouri, cases involving wrongful death accidents require a preponderance of evidence as the standard of proof. Generally, the suit is filed by close relatives.

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