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Top 10 cash Verdicts in jury cases
Paul Leavit Contributing: Robert Davis, Tom Curley and Robert Beninsca
USA Today

These are the top cash verdicts last year, according to Lawyers Weekly USA. Some were reduced on appeal or through settlement. Others are still on appeal.

- $500 million to the family of a boy, 9, who died after opening a trash container that a Tampa company had filled illegally with toxic chemicals. 
- $350 million and $70 million to relatives of two people killed when a French-made helicopter went down with engine trouble. The trials were in Missouri.
- $98.5 million to the mother of a baby left quadriplegic when deprived of oxygen for 5 minutes during delivery at Long Beach Community Hospital in Long Beach, Calif.
- $90 million to a woman, 25, who broke her neck when a Suzuki Samurai rolled over out side of St. Louis.
- $50.35 million to a Wal-Mart worker in Kansas City, MO, who was sexually harassed by co-workers.
- $45.3 million to parents of an identical twin who developed cerebral palsy. The baby, not properly hooked up to monitors after birth at a New York hospital, was deprived of oxygen for 10 minutes because of equipment failure.
- $42 million in the case of a deaf, retarded and speech-impaired girl, now 17, delivered in New York City by unsupervised interns. Forceps caused bleeding in her brain.
- $40 million to the family of a 6-month-old Georgia boy who lost his hands and legs to a rare disease. Kaiser Permanente sent him to a hospital 42 miles away where the managed-care system received a 15% discount.
- $40 million to a woman, 39, who lost a hand because an intravenous needle was improperly inserted during lung surgery at Long Island College Hospital in New York.

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