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  • Investigating Medical Helicopter Crashes - By Gary C. Robb

    In this article, published in February of 2019, Mr. Robb focuses on air ambulance crashes. Air ambulance companies have long resisted industry and FAA proposals calling for enhanced safety equipment such as crash resistant fuel tanks. Meanwhile, preventable crashes continue to occur. Mr. Robb discusses how site and wreckage inspections, eyewitness interviews, review of logbooks, flight conditions, and pilot certifications are essential to the representation of those killed or injured in air ambulance crashes.

  • Helicopter Crashes 101 - By Gary C. Robb

    In this February 2014 article, Mr. Robb explains that when a helicopter crashes, the wreckage can leave a trail of clues that leads all the way back to the aircraft’s design and manufacture. Investigating these cases requires a unique blend of knowledge of aviation, engineering, pilot training, and weather. Mr. Robb describes the painstakingly detailed process he has developed over the past thirty years to successfully prosecute his clients’ helicopter crash cases.

  • Handling Helicopter Litigation - The 10 Indispensable Steps - By Gary C. Robb

    The causes of helicopter crashes are often markedly different from the causes of airplane crashes because of their unique and even peculiar design, flight, and handling features combined with their commonly high-risk mission profiles. Given the unique flight and performance characteristics, failure modes, and crash scenarios of helicopters, Mr. Robb calls upon his many years of experience to identify 10 indispensable steps to maximize the prospects of success in helicopter crash litigation.

  • How to select and use aviation experts - By Gary C. Robb

    Aviation litigation involves a broad range of expert witnesses. Complex disciplines and extensive materials must be understood, digested, reviewed, analyzed, and, finally, explained to a jury. For example, counsel may need to enlist the help of an air traffic control expert one day, an airframe and power plant mechanic the next, then an engine-design expert and a metallurgist -- all in the same case. In this publication, Mr. Robb explains how careful coordination of the various liability and causation experts helps counsel to advance the plaintiff’s factual theory of the case and fend off the anticipated defense counter-attacks.

  • Suing foreign product manufacturers - By Gary C. Robb

    Attorneys who represent plaintiffs in products liability cases are increasingly finding that, whether the product is a car, truck, aircraft engine, cigarette lighter, or household product, the odds are greater than ever that it was designed and manufactured on foreign soil. Cases against foreign defendants require special consideration. Here Mr. Robb analyzes the process and discovery rules involved in suing foreign product manufacturers, and how plaintiff’s counsel can increase the odds of success for the plaintiff.

  • General Aviation Cases – Investigating the Case and Knowing the Law and Applicable Rules - By Gary C. Robb

    General aviation cases (helicopters and small aircraft holding fewer than 20 passengers and not engaged in scheduled commercial flights) are subject to different laws, federal regulations, and other considerations than commercial airliner cases, especially those involving international flights. In this article Mr. Robb details the careful preparation and knowledge of the special laws and regulations applicable in general aviation cases necessary to maximize the plaintiff’s chance of a favorable jury verdict or settlement.

  • Deposing the Product Manufacturer's In-House Engineers - By Gary C. Robb

    By any cost/benefit measure, the potential gain from properly deposing the defendant’s in-house engineers will more than compensate for the considerable time, trouble, and expense required to do so. In this article, Mr. Robb identifies actions to maximize the potential benefit of these depositions, from pre-deposition research to interrogation techniques.

  • 10 Steps for Maintaining the Plaintiff's Litigation Edge - By Gary C. Robb

    In every products liability case, plaintiff’s counsel makes the first move. The party making the first move in a competitive event, whether playing the white pieces in chess or serving in a tennis match, enjoys a distinct tactical advantage and can force the adversary into a defensive posture. Mr. Robb explains that the proper handling of a products liability lawsuit must build on the plaintiff’s inherent advantage of going first. This articles sets forth just how plaintiff’s counsel can constantly take the offensive by using a systematic, methodical, and focused approach to discovery and trial preparation.

  • Prefiling Preparation of a Products Liability Lawsuit - By Gary C. Robb

    At the outset, plaintiff’s counsel have a unique advantage because they know about the lawsuit before the defendant does. To capitalize fully on this head start, Mr. Robb details how counsel should conduct a thorough investigation of the case before filing the product liability lawsuit in order to even the odds against manufacturers.

Verdicts & Settlements

$350 million jury verdict for death of helicopter pilot (United States record).

$100 million settlement for flight nurse’s severe burn injuries in crash of medical helicopter (United States record).

$52.5 million settlement for fatal DHC-6 Twin Otter plane crash.

$27 million settlement in skydiver plane crash (United States record).

$14 million settlement in school bus death caused by defective hand rail.

$12 million settlement for electrical burn injury from falling power line caused by failure of defective clamp.

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Personal injury is an area of law that pertains to the injury of an individual. Both physical and emotional injuries fall into this branch of tort law. A personal injury lawyer is generally involved in cases where an injury has occurred due to the negligence of another party.

Examples of cases that a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri can assist with include workplace accidents, falling or other accidents in the home, premises liability, defective and hazardous product cases, and dental and medical malpractice cases. If negligence on behalf of another party can be proved in court, compensation may be awarded.

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Wrongful death falls under the common law jurisdictions wherein a person may be held liable for a death. It is important to note that wrongful death is the only course of legal action in which a company, rather than an individual, is at fault for a death.

In Kansas City, Missouri, cases involving wrongful death accidents require a preponderance of evidence as the standard of proof. Generally, the suit is filed by close relatives.

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